108 Countries Opened For Nepali Workers, Only 35 Absorbing Them

Even though the government has opened 108 countries as labour destinations for Nepali migrant workers, currently such workers are leaving only for 35 countries.

"The failure on the part of outsourcing agencies to bag employment demands from the countries, which have already been opened for Nepalis, has created this situation," Arthik Abhiyan daily quoted Purna Chandra Bhattarai, spokesperson, Ministry of Labour and Transport Management as saying.

However, foreign employment entrepreneurs are not willing to subscribe to this version aired by Bhattarai.

Since the economic condition of some of the countries identified by the government is weaker than Nepal, it is not possible to send Nepali workers to these countries, argues Kumud Khanal, General Secretary, Association of Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs.

"Countries like Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia have also been opened by the government, which are economically more fragile than Nepal. We cannot send Nepalis to these nations for employment. As such, it is foolhardy on the part of the government to put blame on us for being unable to bag demands from all the countries," he further states.

According to him, there is no trend amongst the developed economies like the USA, the UK and Canada to demand Nepali workers through manpower companies.

According to foreign employment entrepreneurs, one of the prime reasons that have discouraged the developed economies from absorbing manpower from Nepal is the fact many Nepali migrant workers are also unskilled.

They view that if the country produces skilled manpower, there will be labour demands even from the developed countries.

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